Completed Projects

Discover the completed projects aided by the Yachts for Science programme. If you would like to offer space on board your yacht or if you have a research project to submit, please contact us.


Help Our Kelp

In the summer of 2019, Sussex Inshore Fisheries & Conservation Authority (IFCA) aboard their patrol vessel Watchful for a day at sea. Using a towed camera to survey the seabed, we examined the full length of the forest’s historical habitat. Our propeller remained untangled throughout; we saw no kelp at all. The survey laid bare the extent of kelp loss in the area – practically an entire ecosystem lost in just a few decades.


Studying Black Corals

When scientist Erika Gress and superyacht owner Mark Robba connected via our Yachts for Science programme last year, it spawned a unique research trip studying black coral in Indonesia’s Raja Ampat.


Oceanic Manta Rays,

Simon Hilbourne spent five days as a guest onboard a private charter yacht. Simon is studying a population of endangered oceanic mantas which pass through the south of the Maldives every year for a couple of weeks in March or April. Up to 200 pass through during this finite window every year and we try to collect as much data as we can and then they gone for another year.


Great White Shark Chase

Boat was funded by philanthropist Irene Reynolds Schier to support Francesco and his team in an unprecedented expedition to detect, film, and tag white sharks in the Mediterranean Sea. This is one of the most endangered and least understood white shark populations in the world, and the expedition will collect important data to study these sharks and avoid their extinction in the region.


Project Seagrass

Project Seagrass began a series of planting method trials in the intertidal zone across three different locations in the Solent: Priory Bay, Thorness and Beaulieu. The trials aim to identify the most successful and efficient planting methods to enable increased germination survival in future restoration projects and to help further our understanding of restoration methods in a UK-context.


Great White Shark Chase

Taking place on May 11 – SY Titan Blue supported the second phase of Shark tagging in the Mediterranean, now included a film crew who will create a documentary. In the Mediterranean Sea, his research has demonstrated the severe state of depletion of large predatory sharks and the extreme degree of depletion for a long list of smaller shark and ray species affected by trawl fishing and other human stressors.