The ocean is the largest ecosystem on Earth, representing 99% of the habitable space. The ocean produces half of the oxygen we breathe and covers 71% of the Earth’s surface. The ocean regulates our planet’s climate and its chemistry. Whether the oceans interest you or not, it is critical to your health, and prosperity.

Overfishing, acidification, climate change, land and sea-based pollution along with habitat destruction all threaten this critical life support system. For a healthy, prosperous and resilient ocean, scientists are calling for 30% of the ocean to be protected by 2030. Only 2.5% of the ocean is currently in fully or highly protected Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). It’s hard to protect what you don’t know.

Despite centuries of venturing to sea, the human race has only discovered an estimated 9% of the species living within the ocean and mapped a fraction of the ocean floor.  The lack of access for marine scientists and conservation experts is a fundamental reason behind this.

The Yachts for Science program seeks to use existing assets to improve ocean access and advance global knowledge to improve the state of the ocean.

We match yachts with marine scientists to enable access to the ocean to carry out their critical research work and inform decision and policy makers to enable the protection and recovery of our oceans.

If you own a vessel that you would consider getting involved or a scientist with a potentially suitable project please contact us by filling out the appropriate form and our team will get in touch.

Yachts for Science Coronavirus Notice: 

As the pandemic develops, we will work with scientists and yacht owners to evaluate and investigate the risks presented for each proposal to ensure the correct measures are in place for safe and successful matches to go ahead. If a match is made Yachts for Science will issue a more detailed Coronavirus policy to minimise risks to all parties.