Our team of expert conservationists, marine biologists, environmental researchers and media documentaries created yachts for science. 
With our team and ambassadors, we are dedicated to protecting the planet through marine research. Working together across a diverse range of disciplines we are dedicated to working hard to guarantee the success of our vital conservation projects across the globe.

Oliver Steeds


Oliver is the Founder, Chief Executive and Mission Director of Nekton. Nekton unites scientists and journalists to combine frontline research and story-telling – to help protect the ocean. Nekton work with, and for ocean nations to support their national priorities to improve the prosperity, resilience and sustainable governance of their waters – supporting the global target of at least 30% protection of the global ocean by 2030. 

Prior to Nekton, Oliver was a critically acclaimed, former broadcast journalist with ABC, NBC, Channel 4 (UK), Al Jazeera, Discovery Channels and others. He is also the co-founder of the educational non-profit, Digital Explorer and the Ocean’s Academy. www.nektonmission.org

Lilly Barclay

Co-Founder, A Plastic Planet and Ocean Family Foundation

Born of the North Sea, in Jutland, Denmark, Lilly spent her childhood sailing Optimists. This set up her positive outlook on life but also made her acutely aware of the magnificence of our ocean. 

A keen traveller and sailor, Lilly is one of the co-Founders of OFF -Ocean Family Foundation. Created by four like-minded families it supports the conservation of the seas and collaborates with organisations to make a positive difference to our oceans and it’s inhabitants.

Additionally, three years ago she cofounded ‘A Plastic Planet’ with Sian Sutherland. This organisation has one single goal to ignite and inspire Governments, businesses and individuals to eliminate plastic.

Sacha Bonsor

Editor in Chief @ Boat International Media

Sacha Bonsor is the Editorial Director of BOAT International, the world’s leading authority on superyachts and the life that goes with them.  Ocean conservation lies at the heart of a lot of what we do, including our annual Ocean Talks event in partnership with the Ocean Family Foundation, and our annual Ocean Awards in partnership with the Blue Marine Foundation.  

Our audience, from yacht owners to designers, builders and boat charterers, have a unique access to the ocean – and the opportunity to share it.  Meanwhile, scientists have a unique ability to understand the ways in which the ocean can be saved, but often lack the access to prove it. Our hope for Yachts For Science is that it solves that problem.  By connecting these two worlds, there is no limit to what, together, they can achieve.   

Charlotte Hogarth-Jones

Features Director at BOAT International

Charlotte Hogarth-Jones is Features Director at BOAT International and has been involved with the Yachts for Science project since its inception. She has spent over ten years writing about travel and luxury for publications such as The Times, The Telegraph, The Sunday Times and the Robb Report, as well as digital portals such as Rolls-Royce Whispers and Barclays Little Book of Wonders. She is passionate about promoting sustainabile practices to an UHNW audience, and using tangible KPIs to affect real change, in the field of ocean conservation.

Tim Soper

founding partner @ eyos expeditions

EYOS co-founder Tim Soper has spent his life exploring the world’s wildest places by sea and is an expert at planning and managing superyacht expeditions. Growing up sailing and diving on the Devon coast of Southwest England Tim developed a keen interest in the ocean, which led to a degree in marine biology and oceanography. As a professional diver, guide and expedition leader, he voyaged throughout the polar regions and tropics, gaining a comprehensive knowledge of extraordinary destinations worldwide. Tim has managed some of the most extreme superyacht expeditions ever completed, guiding clients to the most inaccessible and beautiful locations for remarkable experiences. With his background in marine science, Tim is always keen to explore, pioneering new regions and even discovering a previously unknown emperor penguin colony in Antarctica. He has managed dedicated research expeditions as well as superyacht voyages with scientists aboard, allowing owners and their guests to share the excitement of making new discoveries.

Rob McCallum

co-founder @ eyos expeditions

Rob McCallum M.Sc  of EYOS Expeditions, the worlds foremost provider of expedition services to the superyacht fleet.  Credited with completing over 1200 expeditions to the world’s most remote and inspiring destinations, the EYOS team brings a wealth of operational experience to Yachts for Science.

Rob has had extensive experience with yacht-based philanthropic science including the design, build and operations of MV Alucia, a multi-year expedition aboard DSSV Pressure Drop and regular interactions with other private science providers.  He has designed managed and lead science-based expeditions on all oceans and is considered a world authority in deep water submersible operations.

Rob believes that many of the future advances in science will be private science initiatives and that the Ocean is the last great frontier of scientific exploration on Earth.

Oliver Hicks

Executive Director @ Arksen Foundation

Olly Hicks is a world record-breaking adventurer, endurance athlete and a highly regarded motivational speaker.  His expeditions and voyages have taken him all over the world and to every continent & ocean.  He has produced 3 award-winning documentaries about his record-breaking ocean voyages. He is also a serving member of the British Army Airborne Reserve.  He is currently preparing an expedition to make the first solo row around the world.  Olly is currently the director of the Arksen Explorers Club and leads Arksen’s involvement with YFS.  As a qualified captain he has worked in both yachting and the commercial sector so has a good grasp of what is practicable aboard a variety of vessels. 

Rosie O’Donnell

Co Ordinator and Administrator @ Yachts for Science

Rosie is a highly competent project manager which filters through all areas of her life, including an extensive home renovation project and being part of the organising committee for the annual youth sailing week, which her daughter is a keen competitor in, in her home village of Hamble, Hampshire.

With a taste for adventure, born from a childhood raised in Canada and Arabia, Rosie has circumnavigated the globe and is a qualified yacht rigger and sailor, which contributes to her extensive knowledge of the marine industry.

Rosie works across a portfolio of marine clients, ensuring all of the projects she works on are delivered on time, on budget and to the highest standard.