Why yachts are uniquely placed to help
  • The ocean is our planet’s life support system.
  • It regulates our planet’s climate, provides food security for billions, captures most of our anthropogenic heat and is the largest carbon store on our planet.
  • But rather than supporting life on Earth, the ocean itself may soon need to be put on life support.
  • We can’t protect what we don’t know.
  • One of the most pressing challenges remains access to the sea to undertake critical research.
  • A whole range of vessels with different capabilities can be suitable for marine research.
  • Science programme and vessel will be featured in BOAT International and across digital media channels.
  • Invitation to Yachts for Science events including BOAT International’s annual Ocean Talks at the Royal Geographical Society, London.
  • Scientists will provide insights and expert guidance to maximise the owner’s/crew’s experience on location.
  • Scientific partnership, particularly with host country scientists, can support
  • Owners: To commit to allow your vessel to be used by a scientific team (minimum 2 people), for minimum of 2 weeks (over the first 12 month period).
  • Operators: To promote Yachts for Science amongst your network to the benefit of the ocean.
  • Both: Every twelve months, the YFS board will assess an Ambassador’s efforts and results and will either renew or renege the Ambassadorship accordingly.
  1. Yachts may register at any time for inclusion on the Yachts for Science database.
  2. Yachts will be contacted as soon as we have a suitable scientific project match to try and arrange a mission.
  3. The projects are then either matched with available yachts or held on record and matched with vessels if/when they become available.
  4. Yachts for Science connects the lead scientist with the yacht team directly to implement the project.Once a favourable match is made, both parties (representative for the boat and lead scientist) must sign a disclaimer before taking the mission further.
  5. Learn more about how to turn your boat into a research vessel here..