Please ensure that you have read the Selection & Implementation and Guidance Notes before submitting your application.
  1. Yachts may register at any time for inclusion on the Yachts for Science database.
  2. Yachts will be contacted as soon as we have a suitable scientific project match to try and arrange a mission.
  3. The projects are then either matched with available yachts or held on record and matched with vessels if/when they become available.
  4. Yachts for Science connects the lead scientist with the yacht team directly to implement the project. Once a favourable match is made, both parties (representative for the boat and lead scientist) must sign a disclaimer before taking the mission further.
  1. Whilst most yachts operate in the Caribbean and Mediterranean, we are keen to list yachts operating in other areas too – including off the beaten track such as the mid Pacific and high latitudes.
  2. Please list your vessel even if you think it has limited scientific capability – we have science projects with very limited requirements.
  3. Yachts in transit or on delivery still offer great opportunities to our scientists.
  4. If a scientist needs access to a yacht in order to fit a bit of equipment or technology that could aid research (i.e. to capture a longer-term dataset where a physical presence from the scientist(s) is not required throughout) the timeframe could be much longer.
  5. Our scientific projects are carefully vetted before being matched with yachts for their scientific value and credentials.
  6. Project activities can include, filming, diving, photography, AUV/ROV/Glider deployment and support, wildlife observation and recording. Deployment of remote sensing equipment. Data analysis and transmission from onboard.

As the pandemic develops, we will work with scientists and yacht owners to evaluate and investigate the risks presented for each proposal to ensure the correct measures are in place for safe and successful matches to go ahead. If a match is made Yachts for Science will issue a more detailed Coronavirus policy to minimise risks to all parties.

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