14 June 2021

All Hands on Deck – BOAT International

Read our feature in BOAT International, where you can find all our current Yachts for Science projects searching for private yacht involvement. From tracking dolphins and mantra rays to studying coral reefs, discover how these top 10 scientists need your help, with all hands on deck!
14 June 2021

World’s Deepest Octopus

A British marine explorer has discovered the world’s deepest octopus. Discover the importance of ocean research and how private yacht owners can help facilitate this.
2 February 2021

How To Turn Your Superyacht Into a Scientific Research Vessel

Want to support ocean conservation and help scientists understand our oceans? Oliver Steeds, CEO of Nekton, outlines the changes you can make to your boat today to turn it from a superyacht to a marine science research vessel…